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Have You Scheduled Your Annual Financial Checkup?

It’s October and team leaders are looking to the future preparing budgets and business strategy for the upcoming new year. This process tends to highlight weaknesses in accounting operations that may have been overlooked throughout the year. Accounting operation weaknesses create challenges and delays when completing budgets and planning for the next year. An Accounting Operations Assessment or Annual Financial Checkup may identify issues so they can be addressed and resolved prior to starting the budget and planning process.

Business owners are spending time growing and managing their business throughout the year and understandably the accounting operations end up on the back burner. An Accounting Operations Assessment is necessary to provide feedback on existing structure, as well as financial reporting tools used to manage business operations. It’s like a “health checkup” for your business and can add tremendous value if you have questions, concerns or you just need an unbiased third-party review of your accounting operations.

What exactly is involved in an Annual Financial Checkup? Here’s a quick summary of what to expect. Depending upon company size and current accounting solution it may include:

  • Review of team structure and who is responsible for billing, collecting, vendor payment processing, payroll processing, etc. We provide you with input on whether you may have internal control risks or if you may be outgrowing your current accounting solution.

  • Review of monthly financial reports produced which may include a detailed Balance Sheet assessment. We provide feedback on if the financial reports are adequate and if there may be other reporting considerations.

  • Meet with you and discuss questions or concerns and provide feedback and guidance.

The goal of an Accounting Operations Assessment is to provide you with piece of mind knowing your business accounting solution is adequately setup and that financial reports give you the insight needed to optimize business operations. Leaving you ready to tackle year end and take on the new year with confidence in your financial position.

Please contact Merigold Partners today to schedule. Your business can’t live without it! Email us at or call us at 281.747.3017.

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