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Frequently Asked Questions

Is outsourced accounting right for my business?

If you no longer know how your business is doing, how much revenue you are generating or what expenses are inflated, then you need to step back and assess what is missing.  An outsourced accounting model may be used to supplement your existing team, or if your business is growing and an in-house team isn't in your budget outsourcing may be the solution.

By outsourcing you remove the time required for your oversight and get control of your business revenue and expense management.  Merigold will help you determine the best solution.

What are the steps to transition an existing team to outsourced accounting?

We discuss and decide on an appropriate timeline to transition accounting services from your existing accounting team to your outsourced team.  Normally this is done during a month end close, where the outsourced accounting team will start the next month of accounting while the existing team closes out the prior month.  Merigold guides you through the process to make it as seamless as possible.

What cloud-based platforms and applications do you use?

Merigold uses multiple cloud-based solutions such as:  Office 365, Quickbooks Online, Xero, etc.  We work with other systems too depending upon your preferences and needs.

What do your clients provide you to facilitate accounting services?

Merigold requires access to your source documents, either in electronic or hard copy form.  This commonly includes, but isn't limited to, bank statements, credit card statements, software access, and other source documents to backup all business receipts and expenses.  We work with you on your source document package and train you or team members you designate on how to put it together.

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